Did you know that many of our customers come to us with what appears to be major transmission failure symptoms that can be fixed with minor repairs or adjustments to certain sensors, relays, engine components or even shorted electrical wires?         -   Eagle Transmission

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Feb 01, 2013

The  transfer case can be one of the most important devices that connects to your transmission. Its connected to the rear  and front axles by using various drive shafts. The transfer case gets power sent by the transmission, and then sends it both the front and rear axles.

Oct 17, 2011

When your check engine light is on there may be thousands of reasons why. Your check engine light   works in conjunction with the engine control module (ECM).This is not something to ignore, it could be as simple as a loose gas cap or a dirty air filter. But, left unchecked what may have been a simple maintenance issue could become a costly repair. The check engine light can prevent you from passing your state inspection and greatly affects your gas mileage. So, if the  Check Engine Light on your vehicle  is on, Don’t Delay! Eagle Transmission of Arlington.  We Can Help!

Oct 17, 2011

FYI, Eagle Transmission has been providing top notch transmission repair, service and rebuilds since 1983.  In addition to that we offer other automotive services including but not limited to A/C service, brake service and general automotive to meet your service needs. We Offer Full Diagnostics, Free Towing and above all fast friendly service.  Call or drop by the Eagle Transmission Center of Arlington located at 3013 S. Cooper Arlington TX you will find the sign of a Quality Repair! Eagle Transmission "The One to Trust!"

Oct 17, 2011

The New Arlington Eagle Transmission web site is now up and running.  We have made many improvements. Some of the upgrades are evident such as uniform banners, additional functions, news blog page, improved map function and many other improvements.  Equally important are the improvements not so evident at first look. Improved user access will allow you, our customer, quicker access to the information you need. The crisp clean look is appealing to the eye also.

These and many other improvements have been implemented to make our Arlington Eagle Transmission Web site a top notch tool for informing YOU our customers both repeat and new.

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