Did you know that many of our customers come to us with what appears to be major transmission failure symptoms that can be fixed with minor repairs or adjustments to certain sensors, relays, engine components or even shorted electrical wires?         -   Eagle Transmission

What We Offer...

The Automatic Transmission in today’s computer controlled vehicles require the use of specialized diagnostic tools. The first and possibly the most important step is to have a proper transmission diagnostic scan performed. At Eagle Transmission we provide our Initial Transmission Diagnostic Inspection service FREE of charge and with no obligation, a $150.00 Value! There are 4 major steps preformed with the Free Initial Diagnostic Service:

  • 1st Fluid Condition Check-Our expert transmission diagnostic specialist will check the transmission fluid for proper level, low or high, either condition may cause transmission problems. He will also check the transmission fluid for color and odor. The transmission fluid should be, in the majority of automatic transmissions, a bright red color. If the transmission fluid is "burnt" the color will vary from light brown to near black. The darker the transmission fluid the more likely that there is serious damage.
  • 2nd Road Test- The transmission diagnostic technician will,if the vehicle is safe to drive, conduct a road test. The road test will enable the technician to determine common transmission problems that coincide with your vehicle's make and model. He will also check for proper shift timing, vibrations and noises that you may or may not have noticed due to the gradual nature of transmission damage.
  • 3rd External Visual Inspection- Once the vehicle has cool slightly your vehicle will be placed on a lift and raised overhead. This step will allow the technician to determine evidence of leaks, linkage damage, electrical connector damage or loose fit, and transmission mount wear or damage.
  • 4th ECM (engine control module) Scan- This final step of the Free Initial Diagnostic Inspection requires both technical skill and experience understanding the complex nature Transmission trouble codes often referred to as "P" codes. The "P" codes are stored in your vehicle's computer and are vital in the process of making a accurate transmission repair or transmission rebuild estimate.

Once we have the proper diagnosis we can then determine exactly what is needed to repair or rebuild your transmission. Our goal is to give our customers the best value in Transmission Repair needs. Should we determine that a complete rebuild is needed; we offer a written warranty for up to 3yrs/36,000 miles. At Eagle Transmission we build transmissions to last! And we are "The Ones to Trust"

Eagle Transmission of Arlington provides Transmission Repair, Rebuilt Transmissions and Transmission Service for Arlington Tx and the surounding cities:serving

  • Mansfield
  • Duncanville
  • Grand Prairie
  • Cedar Hill
  • Hurst
  • Euless
  • Bedford

Call for the details of our FREE TOWING offer if your vehicle has left you stranded or is unsafe to drive.


A transfer case is part of your 4 wheel drive vehicle system and is found in your four wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles. This service provides an inspection, removal, and repair of the gears, bearings, gaskets, and seals in the transfer case.

A large percentage of transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination. The fluids in today’s high tech transmissions are special blends that are specific to your vehicle. Many require synthetic blends or full synthetics with proper friction modifiers. Just like the oil in your engine, automatic transmission fluid (ATF) suffers from heat, friction, and electrochemical degradation. The demand is even greater on transmission fluid in vehicles that are subject to traffic jambs or heavy use such as towing. Eagle Transmission fluid change service provides a replacement of the fluid filter and gasket. Most manufacture specifications require fluid & filter change at 30,000 to 50,000 mile intervals. The transmission fluid should be changed more frequently on heavy use vehicles. Our basic transmission fluid change starts as low as $89.95 depending on make, model and transmission fluid type. To receive the maximum use from your vehicle's automatic transmission call Eagle Transmission of Arlington and set an appointment. We are the transmission experts and "The One to Trust".

Rear wheel drive vehicles utilize a component called a "differential" also known as a "rear end gears". These components are often neglected in the normal service of a car or truck. Eagle Transmission of Arlington is your "Go To" source for any of your rear differential gear service needs. Our typical differential repair service consist of a diagnostic inspection, removal as needed, repair or replacement of the damaged gears, bearings, seals, inspection of axles as well as replacing the fluid. You should also have the differential gear oil changed on a consistent basis to receive maximum use and value from your vehicle.  Should you hear any unusual noise from the drive axle in your vehicle, front or rear wheel drive. Eagle Transmission of Arlington will be glad to diagnose the problem and provide you a prompt differential repair at a fair price. Call or stop by today!

Constant Velocity Drive Axles, also known as, CV axles are the drive axles used for front wheel drive vehicles. CV axles are a common component that subject to wear and failure. Typically the primary cause of wear is from a broken or cracked CV Axle Boot. The CV axle boot is design to flex and will, over time, crack resulting in a leakage of the cv axle joint grease. Once the cv axle grease is gone the cv axle joint will begin to wear very rapidly. The most common indicator of a damaged cv axle boot  will be evidenced by a crack in the boot and grease typically all around the area. If ignored or unnoticed the next and most common symptom is a loud clicking sound while making turns. The CV axles at this point will need to be replaced to repair the problem. Call or stop by Eagle Transmission of Arlington, we will quickly diagnose the problem and make the needed repair, in prompt manner at a fair price.


Drive shafts are the drive axle typically used on rear wheel drive vehicles. The wear point on a drive shaft is the universal joints. The most common symptom for worn universal joints is a vibration at highway speed. There is rarely any clear indication of U-Joint wear. If you are noticing a vibration symptom, call or stop by Eagle Transmission. Our trained transmission and drive line experts will quickly determine the source of the problem and provide you a quality repair with OEM or better quality parts at a fair price.

Is your clutch slipping? Manual transmissions utilize a four main components to engage the torque from the engine to the transmission. Those four components are: Clutch Disc, Clutch Pressure Plate, Flywheel and Throw Out Bearing

There are several symptoms that you may experience as your clutch  begins to wear or deteriorate.

  • Clutch Disc Wear symptom is primarily "clutch slipping". Typically, when your are experiencing a clutch slipping condition your clutch will be slow to engage and will most likely result in engine RPMs revving up without the vehicle speeding up when driving.
  • Clutch Pressure Plate Wear or Damage can be similar to Clutch Disc Wear in symptoms. The clutch pressure plate is the component which applies pressure to the clutch disc and creates a significant amount heat especially when there is clutch slippage. Over the course of time the pressure plate springs may weaken, the release arms may be worn or broken, the surface of the pressure plate may have overheated and be warped or cracked (This will cause a vibration while engaging the clutch), or the clutch pressure plate housing may be bent or damaged.
  • Flywheel Wear or Damage may also occur when you have a clutch that is slipping. The clutch slipping will cause the flywheel to become abnormally over heated. The over heating will over time cause the surface of the flywheel to have small surface cracks or high and low spots. The fly wheel may be reusable but only if it can be resurfaced to a smooth flat plane. In some situations the Flywheel will need to be replaced.
  • Throw Out Bearing Wear is usually caused by "riding the clutch" pedal. The throw out bearing is designed to allow a smooth application to release and engage the clutch. Typical symptoms for throw out bearing wear are: a raspy noise when the clutch pedal is engaged, difficulty shifting into first gear while at a stop, difficulty shifting between gears while driving, or a noticeable vibration on the clutch pedal.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms call or stop by the Arlington Eagle Transmission. We are transmission and drive line experts and will quickly determine the cause of the clutch slipping or vibration issue. Don't Delay the longer you drive your vehicle with the clutch slipping may increase the damage to your vehicle's clutch.

The staff at Eagle transmission of Arlington understand the value that classic auto enthusist place on thier vehicles. That's why so many in the DFW market area bring their classic 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's cars and trucks to Eagle Transmission of Arlington. Our transmission rebuild technician is also a classic auto enthusisist and he has many year of expertise in restoring the transmissions of days gone by to like new operating condition.

We can service all of the valued classic

  • Chevys: Malibu, Chevelle, Corvette, Camaro, Impala, or any of the Classic Chevy Pick Ups etc...
  • Ford: Mustang, Torino, Galaxie, Thunderbirds and F series trucks etc...
  • Dodge Chrysler Plymoth: Challenger, Charger, Cuda, Road Runner, Dodge Trucks etc...

Call Eagle Transmission of Arlington with all of your Classic Auto transmission and driveline repair or restoration project. When comes to taking care of your "baby" we are "The One to Trust".

Light & Medium Duty Pick Ups and Service Utility Trucks are welcome! The heavy duty transmissions used with heavy service vehicles require the expertise of a pro. Eagle Transmission in Arlington is the "GoTo" source for all of your light or medium duty truck transmission & drive line repair needs. We have the equipment needed to diagnose, inspect, repair or rebuild the transmissions in heavy service vehicles and make needed updates that often provide higher level of performance than the OEM unit. We only use "OEM or better" quality parts in each of our rebuilt transmissions. We have provided prompt service and quality without question since 1983. There is no job to big or small. We specialize in gas or diesel truck transmissions, NO PROBLEM!

  • Ford: F150, F250, F350, F450, F550
  • Chevy and GMC :C1500, C2500, C3500, C4500 series trucks
  • Dodge: 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500 series trucks
  • 2 Wheel Drive & 4x4 Trucks
  • Cummins Diesel Transmissions
  • Duramax Diesel Transmissions
  • Power Stroke Diesel Transmissions
  • High Performance Diesel Transmissions

You need your service vehicles on the road and the wheels turning. We understand that your service vehicles are a critical component to the success of your business. If you have a fleet of 1 or 100 light or medium duty service vehicles, call Eagle Transmission of Arlington. We are the transmission and drive line repair provider that will assist you with quality repairs and fair pricing. Eagle Transmission of Arlington"The One to Trust"