Did you know that many of our customers come to us with what appears to be major transmission failure symptoms that can be fixed with minor repairs or adjustments to certain sensors, relays, engine components or even shorted electrical wires?         -   Eagle Transmission

Clutch Replacement

Is your clutch slipping? Manual transmissions utilize a four main components to engage the torque from the engine to the transmission. Those four components are: Clutch Disc, Clutch Pressure Plate, Flywheel and Throw Out Bearing

There are several symptoms that you may experience as your clutch  begins to wear or deteriorate.

  • Clutch Disc Wear symptom is primarily "clutch slipping". Typically, when your are experiencing a clutch slipping condition your clutch will be slow to engage and will most likely result in engine RPMs revving up without the vehicle speeding up when driving.
  • Clutch Pressure Plate Wear or Damage can be similar to Clutch Disc Wear in symptoms. The clutch pressure plate is the component which applies pressure to the clutch disc and creates a significant amount heat especially when there is clutch slippage. Over the course of time the pressure plate springs may weaken, the release arms may be worn or broken, the surface of the pressure plate may have overheated and be warped or cracked (This will cause a vibration while engaging the clutch), or the clutch pressure plate housing may be bent or damaged.
  • Flywheel Wear or Damage may also occur when you have a clutch that is slipping. The clutch slipping will cause the flywheel to become abnormally over heated. The over heating will over time cause the surface of the flywheel to have small surface cracks or high and low spots. The fly wheel may be reusable but only if it can be resurfaced to a smooth flat plane. In some situations the Flywheel will need to be replaced.
  • Throw Out Bearing Wear is usually caused by "riding the clutch" pedal. The throw out bearing is designed to allow a smooth application to release and engage the clutch. Typical symptoms for throw out bearing wear are: a raspy noise when the clutch pedal is engaged, difficulty shifting into first gear while at a stop, difficulty shifting between gears while driving, or a noticeable vibration on the clutch pedal.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms call or stop by the Arlington Eagle Transmission. We are transmission and drive line experts and will quickly determine the cause of the clutch slipping or vibration issue. Don't Delay the longer you drive your vehicle with the clutch slipping may increase the damage to your vehicle's clutch.