Did you know that many of our customers come to us with what appears to be major transmission failure symptoms that can be fixed with minor repairs or adjustments to certain sensors, relays, engine components or even shorted electrical wires?         -   Eagle Transmission

Drive Axle And CV Axle Replacement

Constant Velocity Drive Axles, also known as, CV axles are the drive axles used for front wheel drive vehicles. CV axles are a common component that subject to wear and failure. Typically the primary cause of wear is from a broken or cracked CV Axle Boot. The CV axle boot is design to flex and will, over time, crack resulting in a leakage of the cv axle joint grease. Once the cv axle grease is gone the cv axle joint will begin to wear very rapidly. The most common indicator of a damaged cv axle boot  will be evidenced by a crack in the boot and grease typically all around the area. If ignored or unnoticed the next and most common symptom is a loud clicking sound while making turns. The CV axles at this point will need to be replaced to repair the problem. Call or stop by Eagle Transmission of Arlington, we will quickly diagnose the problem and make the needed repair, in prompt manner at a fair price.


Drive shafts are the drive axle typically used on rear wheel drive vehicles. The wear point on a drive shaft is the universal joints. The most common symptom for worn universal joints is a vibration at highway speed. There is rarely any clear indication of U-Joint wear. If you are noticing a vibration symptom, call or stop by Eagle Transmission. Our trained transmission and drive line experts will quickly determine the source of the problem and provide you a quality repair with OEM or better quality parts at a fair price.